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Brocade fabrics have a long history. For many centuries damask and brocade fabrics were only used as an indication of status and as garments kept especially for ceremonial events. The richly patterned fabric is the most glamorous of clothing since it needs no further embellishment.

Brocade has always been associated with luxury and opulence. It has been used both for clothing and for furnishings. Down the eras brocade has come in and out of fashion as style and house interiors dictated.

Brocade designs look best on the top face of the fabric surface. Because of this brocade fabric is often used for very opulent dressy garments such as ecclesiastical robes and evening wear. Brocade is only rarely reversible with most designs looking best on the top face, but dressmakers sometimes use small areas of the brocade fabric reverse to achieve understated effects for toning bindings etc. It really does depend on the scale of the pattern too.

Today brocade can be made using any number of lustrous yarns including man made yarns such as viscose rayon which can be made to appear almost silk like.

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